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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we have erin como on traffic duty. everyone working hard on a a thursday morning. mor we're going to have to apologize to you. if you can't tell there'san something going't on with ourh scripts here.scripts >> it's all worked out.s al >> i think we're good.l >> we'll dance to kill can the n glime there you go.glime ther oh, good. is that called the weather shuffle.shuffl >> yeah, that's the weatherhe wr shuffle. >> waking up strong, mikeike thomas. >> strong like the coffee weke t need. okay, people, i think we'renk w ready to get you informed now. we'll start way little bit ofy t politics of course. chants of endorse trump and then boos thought receptioneptin for senator ted cruz at night ag three of the republicanli national convention. conven. the former presidentialdential contender did not endorsendor donald trump as the gop nominee.e. in fact, cruz only mentioned men trump by name once during his speech and the tensionhe tensi continued even once he exited he the stage.ta when security rushed to escort his wife out of the now, the fiery
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overshadowed mike pence who accepted his vice president vics nomination.nomi se pence used his time on u stage to introduce himself to he the country to take shots one ss the hillary clinton and also a compliment his partner for histr never quitting or backing down. down >> america needs to be strongtr for the world to be safe and on the world stage donald trump will lead from strength. >> afterwards donald trump trump briefly joined pence on stage s to shake his hand and wave atan the crowd. trump will address the the convention tonight.on >> and be sure to stay withth fox5 for complete coverage of the republican national convention. our tom fitzgerald is live in le cleveland all week.anll w you can interact with him. go to facebook live at 3:00book p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.:0p each day this week. wk. plus, don't forget, catcht, cath outer loop new show, five at 6:30, that's every day after aft fox5 local news at 6:00. >> anticipation is buildingat for hillary clinton tohill announce her running m two names have emerged ased leadin c
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>> agricultural secretary tom vilsack and virginia senator tim kaine. clinton is expected to selecttoc a running mate as soon as friday. >> let's take you to turkey he it's in a state of emergency in the last three months aftersr a failed military coup last cou week. we turkey 's president says thes t reason for the state ofor emergency is to remove the threat to democracy.emoccy he says "the viruses in the t armed forces will be cleansed.l. "so far 99 top military mitar officers were charged ined connection to that failed coup o and in france lawmakersranca voted to extend the country he's state of emergency for another six months. the security measure hheas beene in place since the parisar attacks happened back in november. the state of emergency was setrn to expire next week but thennext last thursday's deadly trucktr attack in nice made frenchen leaders change their
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as for the 84 victims killedim in nice, they all have been formally identified.ified. prepare for delays ifay if you're flying with southwest airlines today. the airline suffered afered nationwide computer outage onag wednesday.dnesday. >> for three hours travelerse ha couldn't buy tickets check in cn for flights or check their the flight status.httu more than 500 flights were w delayed nationwide include ilude something at tampaampa international. at one point gate agents were ge writing boarding passes by hand. ha >> let's turn our attention tott the baseball diamond.d. the dodgers visiting natsat park. first inning bryce sends one 450 feet into the third upper >> whoa. >> his 20th of the year givingeg the nats a two-zero lead. bottom of the six nats up four-one after homers from ben revere and jayson werth.erth harper hustling from first. fir he he would make it home, sliding for the score. nats leading this one, nats would score three morehreem runs tin
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killing that two game skid. gam >> the orioles were in newe in e york but you wouldn't think itit by their play.byir play. this game was all yankees all the time. t mark teixeira homered in hisin h first game back from injury.nj new york yankees blanked the baltimore orioles five-zip. ouch. >> pay attention pokemon goon pn players. today your love for the gameam will pay off. >> z burger is giving you freegf burgers today.oday. that's at the z burg intertenleytown and columbiaum heights. there are a couple catches unfortunately. neither include a pokemon. you have to have reached level l five or higher and you canan only get the burgers betweenrsee 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. >> that's all day. day >> that's not very limiting.y mi >> that's right.>> >> i think i got to level fiveov on the first day that i playedd pokemon go and i don't know't k anything about it.ut >> i was going to say how manyo levels are there?re >> 14 or 15.r maybe.mayb i don't really know. >> let's go to the expert, mike thomas. gs.
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there. >> how many levels and what lev level are you on.are o >> i think you just kind of o keep going and going. going i haven't heard of there being i a >> a limit? i'm going have toat look at it.t. >> i'm over level five so ie soi know what i'm doing for lunchngh today. >> burgers for everybody. >> i have ars feeling it's going to be crowded down >> you got to get there g t between 11:00 and 8:00. 8 >> let's check out your out weather forecast.we if you're heading ouatt early,ar yesterday melanie alnwick hadlnd her jacket on early in thelyn te morning.g. maybe one of those mornings in n a couple locations here so far today. start gaithersburg at 63. 66 at westminster.tminster. in the city on the mild sidee at 74 degrees. 7 annapolis at 72. satellite and radar crystald clear skies out there, beautiful moon. it's going to be a great day today. lots of sunshine coming your way. very typical of july heading back up into bethe low 90's.0' real heat returns tomorrow.omro we'll talk much more aboute abot what you can expect for thexport coming heat wave in just anus little bit. bit that's a quick check of the
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erin como has got the roads. g e hey, erin. e happy friday to you. >> my goodness, you, too, too mike.mi. 4:35. we'll start you off with a look at safe track surge five.ra this is the second morningd rnin that our commute will be affected.affected. single tracking between easten falls church and ballston. balls vienna to ballston trainsin running every 18 minutes oninuts the orange line.erang silver line 18 maintenance.nt ballston to new carrolton additional trains will run but b anticipate crowded conditions. n as of 10 o'clock in thek in evening system wide every every train will run about every 20 2 minutes. you can always take metrobus or fairfax connector if you con want to try to get around that, maybe carpool. m any questions for planningornnin your commute at erin fox5 d.c. . on at 5:00 a.m. we have no otherth reported delays for metro but we'll let you know if that changes.chges. 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge quiet.ui 66 you don't hit any delays if l manassas all the way throughll t the beltway.eltway. 50 from annapolis lookingoo al
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and outer loop also cruisingis along. again any questions for yourour commute at erin fox5 d.c. onn twitter.twr. maureen and holly. >> mike, pick -- my quick pokemon research says level sayv 40. >> i like that. liket. >> good luck. >> if you're there, pleaseu're p call a coming up on fox newsew morning. >> everyone on the floor ofe the republican nationalonional convention is at risk of contracting the norovirus.ov >> across the d.c. region,. reg time right now is 4:37 and itnd is a very warm 74 degreesee already. >> you know what, enjoy this 'cause it's going to get a lot hotter this week. fox news morning back withackith more news, weather and traffic f after the break. reak.
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look at what's trending thisg thursday. >> secret service>> s investigating one of donaldecond trump's advisers after he he called for hillary clinton tolay be put in a firing line and shot for treason. treason. new hampshire delegate al boltisar called thed the presumptive democratic nominee m a disgrace. >> nearly 17 people under17 peo arrest after a flag burning buri outside the gop conventiononveio yesterday. it was the most turbulentrbulen protest as the four day the f d convention began on monday.n md the chaos brieflyefly prevented delegates and needs ae from getting into the arena. total arrests now stands at 22. >> in a nod to his call tonod tc build a wall donald trumpru hollywood star has gotten a gn a wall of its own.wall oits a tiny wall complete with a barbed wire and keep out signs constructed around the star on r tuesday by a popular l.a. l.a street artist. art >> norovirus outbreak at the out rnc. rnc. a dozen staffers in the california delegation are ext
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the virus causes diarrhea andrr vomiting and has been known spread. notify no delegates oregates alternates have shown any symptoms and the virus is nowirn said to be contained.tained >> coming up on fox5 newsox5ew morning a prosecutor in northern virginia files afis a lawsuit against governor terryvn mcauliffe. >> a woman is assaulted by a man impersonating an officer ofc in prince george's county.e >> as we led to break let's goeg ahead and take a live look across d.c. this morning.orni there we go.o let's ease on into ours thursday, people.ea it's going to be a hurot onsde.. fox5 news morning back rightackt after this. ter this.
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for persistent protection you can trust... good boy! go for the gold. new frontline gold. available at your vet. >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead ionophosead fox news morning a former gop presidential candidate andtial d current u.s. senator is booeds b by the delegates on thethe convention floor in >> look live outside now ondeow this thursday morning. mni better enjoy today at least a l the morning part of it becauset i think that's going t bo be thb last comfortable time of dayle d we're going to see for awhile.i. it's going to heat up prettyt ur much at a and get really hot,ot, perhaps triple digits into the t weekend. >> oh, brace yourself for sure. >> ac at any. >> good morning to you. g thank you for joining us, i'm maureen umeh.oofo >> i'm holly morris. mor wisdom martin enjoying time off now.
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it is thursday, july 21st andnd we've got mike thomas in.mas gary is out. out i hope you have a flow chart fl at home. erin is working as well alwaysla following your commute.ommu >> let's start with mike let though.e yeah, we'll start with youh mike and today's forecast.orec i was going skip right overoing you me. how dare i. >> we're getting ready forng rea heat here in the d.c. area. are probably hottest temperaturesemt we've had so far this summer. that's saying something somet compared to where we've been in the last few weeks.he last fe we're talking aboutut potentially near 100 degreeseg by the time we get to thee t weekend. not out there right now n some m neighborhoods rathers rather comfortable. 61 in gaithersburg, winchesterr martinsburg culpeper allpeper 61 degrees this morning.hi morn. frederick is in the 50's as is i cumberland so a cool start to st the day even in a fewy even a locations but yes, last cool start. star high pressure has moved fromur the north to the south.nortou what that's going to do is do start bringing in thatnging southerly breeze.sorly b the southerly breeze this timees of year will bring the 90's back this afternoon.ftnoon just low 90's today but it's bus beyond today as you check out yo your fox5 accuweather 7-d
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forecast here that the heatt really builds. b zip trip friday, how about a 97 degrees. head to the pool this weekend. double nine's saturday, sunday n and monday before we cool itl back down so to speak to 95 to tree95 degrees next tuesday. tsd erin has got the roads isn't did you get a haircut mike.ut mk >> i did.>> i d >> it looks very nice and fitting for the summer you can stay nice and cool.y cea >> thank you.>>nk y >> yay! only took me to 4:46 to6 t right now morning commute cmute overview of our area you canf on see that the beltway all greenhb all good. no problems from 95 through outer loop in montgomery loo county and then in oxon hill h the inner loop across theos the wilson bridge quiet right we'll let you know whenw morning questions start tog que pop. right now 295 and 50 a everything looking good onoong g your majors.ur m 66 coming from 270 you're niceou and quiet.and qui we have this crash activity. the scene is in the process of 210 southbound between wilsonete bridge drive and kerby hilll we have been dealing with aith large crash scene there. the seeing green
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which leads he me he tos hee he believe traffic is getting get through. you can take oxon hill road.on a we'll keep you updated. updat metro gearing up for serviceing in the next 15 minutes. min safe track surge five will tra keep you posted on that one. back to you maureen and holly. y >> ♪ >> all right, let's get you rigt caught up on what has 12 has overnight. you're looking at the scene in columbus circle this is in newne york city. c s.w.a.t. teams and a man said mn to be clad in armor are in a standoff. standoff. >> the plan is sitting in hisn h car as police surround him him with guns drawn.ra now, this started a few hours h ago when the man reportedly ror threw something at nypd vehicle.vehicle. reporter for our sisterrt for or station in new york says itew yi was a fake bomb. bomb. >> and we're also following aina troubling story out of north ofn miami florida. flori just moments before a therapist was shot by police.ol charles kinsey was trying to t comfort an autistic man man sitting in the street playing tp with a toy. the video shows kinsey withiny his arms in the air, trying to n explain the situation to officers.of >> then he says policen s approached with their gunshes drawn and one off
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him. kinsey says he asked the asked e officer why he shot him and according to kinsey thein officer replied i don't the officer is now onpl oicer i administrative leave.tiveve the miami dade attorneye to general is investigating the the shooting. police were originally called to the scene because of a e911ea report about a man with a gun. >> drama on the third night of i the republican nationalepub nat convention. >> donald trump's running made'm indiana governor mike pence accepted the vice presidential a nomination but it was overshadowed by trump'srump's republican rival senator tedor t cruz. cr the battle between cruz andn trump as you recall was especially bitter and last a night cruz stopped short of endorsing the billionaire.liai >> if you love our country and love you shall children ashall i much as i know that you do d stand, speak and vote your v conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust tu to defend our freedom and to and be faithful to the constitution.tion [cheers and
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>> delegates booed cruz after he refused to endorse trump. cruz only mentioned trump by trb name one after cruz's speech securitycruz had to escort his wife out of'sf the e arena. >> prepare for some delays ifs i you're flying with southwestith airlines that airline is suffering ang nationwide computer outage. out >> on wednesday for threeor hours listen to this travelersve could not buy tickets, checkts,c if for flights or even check che flight status.tatus. more than 500 flights were delayed nationwide includeid something at tampa international. now at one point gate agentsga were actually writing boardingig passes by hand. imagine being pulled overind by someone you thought it wasas a police officer.ic one prince george's countyince woman says it happened to her. christina gaddis says a man a pulled over and noticed heed he never looked up her driver'sr's license information and then took off his badge.ff his badge. >> she also says he slammed sla her to the ground and seder roger to things to her. police say they have no record e of her being pulled over.ulle right now officials have not hav confirmed if there is a police impersonat o
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>> the thieves are targeting tgi some yoga studios and somend gyms. police say in the last 30 days y 10 yoga studios and gyms haveym been robbed. r this is surveillance video is from a robbery that happened at bikram hot yoga in ivy city. the suspect broke in through thu the front store went to the cash register and stuffed his hs backpack full of items fromf i the studio. no one was in the studio atdi the time of the crime. police are warning gym managers to be on alert. to be o >> let's go to virginia. virgi saga continues ovary storingva o voting rights to felons.o fon virginia prosecutor is suing i governor terry mcauliffe tofe to force him to give up the names n of felons whose civil rightsil r were restored. restore the suit was filed yesterday in loudoun county.ount under mcauliffe 's order those felons could now run for public office or so far on aso r jury.ju. >> top military leaders from f iran are in town discussingiscui life after isis. the counter intelligence meeting they -- defense secretary ash carter was among those attendin
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he says nations have agreed toed contribute more to the fight.. leaders from more than 30fr aruntries are in town fors those meetings.the m >> coming up on fox5 news5 n morning top leaders in the air a force are voicing their angerira over a new plan coming fromominr the u.s. senate.s. s >> and the aclu calling on maryland correctional leadersore to change a policy being considered for all jails ined f the free state.ta >> live look outside on a o thursday morning as we just we j get started, ease on into theint morning. we're at five minutes beforees e 5 o'clock right now.ghtow. 74 degrees and the temperaturete is doing nothing but going up, u up, up., up. we'll talk more about it afterft the break. fox5 news morning is whatng is a you're watching. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> back at 4:53 on this thursday morning and a new congressional plan toack t reimburse service members for their expenses instead of paying them a flat monthly payment for military housing,y g that is facing backlash fromas the air
4:54 am
officer. >> air force chief masteref masr sergeant james codey says the cs plan is hurting airmen'sirmen' morale.mole supporters of the bill says itit comes during a time when the ahe number of enlisted military milr members reporting financialinanl difficulties is very low. low >> end mate rights advocatese pushing for maryland to issue mo a new policy which would ban w b letters to inmates. iates the state wants to limit mail lm inmates receive to postcardosar and official legalicialal correspondence. the goal is to prevent thevent e drug being snuck into prison snu and the drug can be hiddenn insides envelopes or spoke soaked into paper.pape >> unique case of the zikacase virus is under investigationti in florida. floda. it could be the first nontravel case ever detected dee in the united states. state it's believed the mosquitoit which transmitted the virushe vr was born in miami dade county.e now if confirmed it would be evidence the zika virus hasiruss now spread to mosquitos in then united s
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>> drug companies are workingng on new too long develop smartrt inhalers. they would feature sensors to monitor patients using them the gadgets are linkeddgs are wirelessly and promise to t correct both the use of the of t medication and lead to better health outcomes. >> ♪ >> five minutes before 5:00.efoe let's check in with mikeh mik mike, i think if you wander to t get anything done outside youdeu better to it this morning,th mor right? >> yeah, this >> like at 5:0 5:00.0. >> temperatures later todayer t slob where they should be,re t lower 90'she, typical julyalul weather here in d.c.n.c not going to be the case thisehi weekend. holly, maureen, absolutelybsol right, get whatever you need yon to do outside done todaye tod because it's going to be way too hot to do anything butin b jump in the pool this weekend. e satellite and radar very clear this morning but check out what's coming our way. w 97 tomorrow. and then here come the nearome a hundred degree temperatures. tre 99 saturday, sunday, monday.onda heat index those days
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105 degrees so very hot and we a don't even coondl it down that w much into the course of nextour week. only 95 on tuesday, 92 by next wednesday. wednesday. that's the seven-day forecas forecast;, has got traffi.otrafc >> after yesterday's veryy messy commute aftermath of allll the storms today is off to ao much quieter start. sta scene should be cleared shortly 210 south at the21 wilson bridge drive area.rive a. traffic again moving by in in area and 210 on the northboundoh side cruising towards the bottom side of the beltway. bel. paving operations in east on eao 50 east. et. traffic getting by. metro right now gearing up for u service. it is on time. more traffic in a few.ic in fe back to you holly and >> coming up, the governmentoven files a complaint with themp united nationsla over two deadly coalition airstrikes that it says specifically targeted civilians. >> senator tim kaine preparesim to make two stops in ouro stop region to discuss immigrationrai reform. >> we're heading to break with t a look at today's s
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>> this is fox5 news morning.. >> straight ahead on fox5 newses morning indiana governor and a vice presidential candidatent mike pence addresses the crowd in cleveland. former gop presidentialdent candidate is booed by the by the delegates if the convention t floor.heoo >> enjoy this day folks.olks today will be the last tas comfortable day for awhile. tomorrow we're expecting near triple digit heat.ea >> think of all coolhink o activities come comed good morning to you, though, tug on this thursday.on thi thanks for joining us.s i'm holly morris. mri >> and i'm maureen at a is thursday july 21st.y st take a look at them smilelysmily happy people. mike thomas there on the top the of your weather, erin comoo there on the bottom with yourour traffic. we'll get with them in a good morning to both of you. >> but off the top though a night of drama once again at the rnc former opponent of o donald trump booed on stage. sge ted cruz had not confirmedonfirm that he would endorse the gop gp last night but the audienceudie was clearly taken aback whenhe he actually


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